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Demographics are part of your audience because it lets us know who makes up the audience, whether it be females or males, short or tall, young or old. These are the people you will be marketing your video to but knowing your demographics going into the video sure saves a lot of time on the back end once the video is finished.  Knowing the percentages of your targeted audience will help you in trying to attract those that make up the audience.

There are several ways to figure out your demographics, one way is to start looking at your current client list.  Break the list down into categories, run a web survey or even a print survey at your place of business.  Start looking at the information that you have about your clients and start grouping them into ages, gender, types of work that they do, do they travel a little ways to get to you or do they live close by.  All of these things will begin to tell you what you want to know about your clients and what type of clients you are attracting. After that you simply begin marketing to the types of clients you already attract.

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Lee has released his newest DVD – Low Box Training 2 and we have already been shipping them for Lee. If you purchased Lee’s first DVD Low Box Training then you definitely need to get Low Box Training 2 because it too has very good information in it for training athletes.  low-box-2-3D-cover

Just finished filming with Lee Taft of Sports Speed Etc and I have to tell you what we filmed will be just like his other DVD’s, full of information and exercises that you can use with your athletes.  Now I am not going to give away any secrets about the DVD yet but keep checking back and once Lee gives me the ok I will post about it.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed about Lee Taft’s upcoming DVDs and also some others that we are wrapping up.



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“Increase Any Athletes Multi-Directional Speed With The Ground Breaking Speed Training Program Perfect For All Court and Field Sport Athletes”

Attention All Coaches, Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Athletes:

Do you want to discover, in detail, how multi-directional speed is improved using proven coaching strategies on acceleration, explosive training, cutting, and tons more?

Ground Breaking 2 is finally here! And it is bigger and better than ever. Ground Breaking 1 set the industry standard for how athletic multi-directional speed should be taught. Ground Breaking 2 has taken that same information and greatly expanded with Six DVDs full of instructional and live footage.

Let me answer your biggest

questions right off the bat…

Q: Is Ground Breaking 2 much different than Ground Breaking 1?

A: Not only does Ground Breaking 2 expand on Ground Breaking 1 it takes you to a whole new level.

Q: What exactly makes Ground Breaking 2 so much different?

A: The obvious difference is Ground Breaking 1 is a 2 DVD Home Study Course. Ground Breaking 2 is a monstrous 6 DVD System that gives you an in-depth breakdown of the key areas of multi-directional speed for any sport. Ground Breaking 2 is a system of how to coach all major areas of athletic speed.

Q: Will Ground Breaking 2 help me evaluate my athletes speed and know how to correct any problems?

A: Ground Breaking 2 will make you into the guru on coaching athletic speed. Not only will you be able to evaluate athletic skills such as; many forms of cutting, acceleration, deceleration/change of direction, jumping/landing, first step quickness in any direction, lateral speed mechanics, tactical quickness, retreating skills, and so much more, you will also be able to correct your athletes on the spot with highly targeted coaching cues. Your athletes will love you!

This video series was filmed by Simon J Productions in conjunction with Lee Taft of  Sports Speed Etc.  View the demo video of Ground Breaking Speed 2 in the left sidebar…  This is a great opportunity to get a deal on this DVD and to increase your athletes speed…  Don’t be left behind!!!

Do you want to know more about Ground Breaking Speed 2 for Athletes – check out Lee Taft’s website on ground breaking speed 2…

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“Many years ago I realized for me to grow my business I needed to create information products that would allow me to share my teaching methods to others. The difficult part was finding a quality DVD production company that was affordable and great at what they do. I hit the jackpot when I was introduced to James Dunn II and his company Simon J. Productions. He has not only produced my DVD’s and covers he has taken our marketing and presentation of the DVD’s to an entirely new level. Recently some to the top strength and conditioning and fitness professionals have found out about the best kept secret in DVD production and have seen the awesome results James produces. I highly recommend anyone looking to catapult their business to the next level to use James Dunn II and Simon J. Productions and his one of a kind service. In my opinion there is no one better!! Thanks James for all your help!”

Lee Taft