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Prerequisites:  Are there any Prerequisites for using video as the means in reaching your audience and in this case yes and I will explain more as we go forward.  Do they even own a DVD player; this would be a very important question in creating your video.  There is nothing more damaging than to create a video for an audience only to find that they do not have the means by which to view your video.  This seems somewhat like a redundant question but can and may happen.

The Single-Leg Solution by Mike Robertson

Not only are we an affiliate of Robertson Training System but we also filmed the video, did all post production on the project, created the awesome graphics and website for the product. So we know that the quality is there but also the DVD is jammed packed with a lot of information!!. Do not miss out on this DVD and client manual! I have known Mike Robertson for several years and he is all about educating people with top notch information so this product is no different.  Get it before midnight tonight!!

The Single-Leg Solution is a DVD and print manual package that will give you the following:


  • No more guessing! Learn the exact lifts that I use, in the order that I use them.  If any exercise is too easy or too difficult, simply move forward or backward within the progression.
  • The things I look for to determine if you’re performing every exercise correctly.
  • Improve your technique. If you aren’t performing an exercise correctly, these are the cues I use to fix you up and improve your technique. Poor technique can increase the likelihood of injury, or at the very least, minimize your gains.
  • Bonus Exercises! Cool variations you can throw in from time-to-time to mix up your training and keep it fresh.
  • How you can take all the basic exercises and revamp them so you have a virtually unlimited number of exercises and progressions to choose from!

Print Manual

  • A 96-page, spiral bound manual.
  • What are the benefits of single-leg training? A 25-page review of the scientific literature of single-leg lifting, and why single-leg training should be a key component of everyone’s exercise programs!
  • Take it to the gym! Pictures, descriptions and coaching cues of every exercise in the DVD that you can take with you anywhere to help refresh your memory and improve performance.
  • The Ground Zero Program. The program I use to maximize single-leg strength, stability and performance.

Get The Single-Leg Solution –

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Storytelling DVDs are coming to Simon J Productions. Storytelling Educational dvd videos for kids.

Once Upon A Time …

… a Delightful New storytelling DVD Series Came Along to Introduce Youngsters to the Magical Art of Storytelling and all on DVD

“StoryWatchers Club™ Adventures in Storytelling”

storytelling dvds good-character-3d-dvdThere’s nothing as wonderful as a child completely enraptured by a story.  With all the high-tech gadgets available to entertain children today, though, one would think it would be impossible to engage their attention without dizzying electronic lights, loud blaring music and fast-paced computer animation visuals.  No so for the masterful storyteller, who can spin delightful, engrossing tales with just the voice and body, as viewers will find in the charming new StoryWatchers Club™ Adventures in Storytelling DVD series.

Storytelling is a time-honored art that not only gives each culture its history but also adds value to education, makes learning fun, develops knowledge retention, inspires creativity and helps improve attention spans of even the youngest of viewers.  By skillfully utilizing an unlimited array of gestures, facial expressions and verbal inflections, storytellers can engage children and lead them on countless adventures; entertaining and inspiring them while quite often subtly teaching them morals, lessons and general kindnesses.

StoryWatchers Club series brings together a collection of the nation’s most talented storytellers to impart to children the importance of developing and using their imaginations.  This will help strengthen their listening and verbal skills; inspire a yearning for reading and writing; and learn a wonderful new way to communicate and share their experiences with others.

The initial titles in the launch, “Keys to Imagination” and “Good Character” will be available direct-to-DVD.  The programs are 45 minutes long and are recommended for ages 5-12. Bonus extras on each DVD in the series include:

  • Meet the Storytellers section – interviews with each storyteller.
  • Children Tell Stories Too! – children tell their favorite stories, in their own unique, creative way!
  • StoryWatchers Club sing-along music video.
  • The Making of StoryWatchers Club – behind-the-scenes fun!
  • Chapter selections.

“It was Albert Einstein who said that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge,’” says Eddie Sax, of Sax Media Group, who along with his wife Charlotte, are the creators and producers of StoryWatchers Club.  “With these fun filled imaginative performances, young storytellers will learn that they don’t need hi-tech products, hyped-up graphics or highly-licensed characters to foster their own imagination and creativity. They’ll ‘see’ each facet of the story in their own minds and create the visuals and comprehend the morals for themselves.”   Enter the StoryWatchers Club where Cody, Jada, Juan, Jordan, Kelly, Tamayo, Booker the Book, and Riley the Bookworm, a multi-cultural cast of puppets, humorously lead the way from one storyteller to the next. In “Keys to Imagination,” children will learn that polar bears really can dance, the story of Cinderella is a bit different when told from the Fairy Godmother’s point of view, and a wide mouth frog can spark the creativity in all of us!  Featured storytellers are Kevin Coirdi, Christine Petrell Kallevig, Charlotte A. Battin, Barbara Schutzgruber, and Bob & Kathie Myers.In “Good Character,” children will learn that greed will eventually catch up with them, what goes around comes around so being nice counts, teamwork can be more rewarding than doing it yourself, and you’ll never go wrong by doing what’s right. Featured storytellers are Stephanie Holman, Mary Jo Huff, Charlotte A. Battin, Judy Sima, and Yvonne Healy.

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Planning Your DVD Production: From the mind to finished product . 

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