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Strategies & Tactics:

Now to reach your goals you must explain to yourself, using your notepad and pencil on how you will reach your goals. Tell yourself how you will answer the problems that have been placed before you, your video being the solution.

Achieving goals:  for each goal put down how you will reach that goal, what sort of video or audio message will you use to attempt to meet the goal. For example, a young man can walk into the gym and begin foam rolling; this would be the psychomotor goal of “warming up”. The next scene would be of the man finishing his workout and smiling because he has no pulled muscles because he warmed up properly.  These would meet an affective goal of feeling good about himself and his workout.

Prerequisites:  Are there any Prerequisites for using video as the means in reaching your audience and in this case yes and I will explain more as we go forward.  Do they even own a DVD player; this would be a very important question in creating your video.  There is nothing more damaging than to create a video for an audience only to find that they do not have the means by which to view your video.  This seems somewhat like a redundant question but can and may happen.

Just finished filming with Lee Taft of Sports Speed Etc and I have to tell you what we filmed will be just like his other DVD’s, full of information and exercises that you can use with your athletes.  Now I am not going to give away any secrets about the DVD yet but keep checking back and once Lee gives me the ok I will post about it.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed about Lee Taft’s upcoming DVDs and also some others that we are wrapping up.



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Basketball Off-Season Strength Training DVD  NEW!!!

The Off-Season is a critical time for developing strength, power and becoming a better athlete.  Typically basketball athletes have used football off-season templates to prepare them for their upcoming seasons.  This is a flawed approach as both types of athletes have a number of differences that should be reflected in their training. This DVD is the ultimate resource on how to develop a strength training plan for your entire off-season specifically for basketball players that is currently used by Division I and professional basketball players.  Coach B lays out his entire program from the beginning to the end on THIS 2 DVD SET and shows a number of progressions that can be used in any program:

 1.  Learn how to warm-up properly
 2.  Learn how to make your core training more effective
 3.  Learn a number of mobility progressions to reduce the chance of   injury
 4.  Learn how to properly progress plyometrics to maximize their effectiveness
 5.  Learn how to properly organize speed, conditioning and strength training to maximize results.
 6.  Learn why the traditional squat may not be great for basketball players and which exercises to choose to develop lower body strength.
 7.  Learn how to increase your exercise menu – there are a number of different exercises used to develop balanced functional strength, power, and reduce the chance of injury.

This DVD is for any serious basketball coach, strength coach, trainer or basketball athlete looking to improve their strength for their upcoming season.

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