Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;-)

My partners over at Prograde are have been having a BIG birthday bash all week for one of their co-founders.

But it all ends…


Yes, at 11:59pm EST you will no longer be able to save 15% on ALL their awesome products.

And they’re not one of those over-the-top hype kinda supplement companies that sells crap.

No, these guys are the exact opposite. They’ve got a limited product line that only includes the basic stuff that’s backed by research.

I trust them and so should you.

Here’s all the details on the sale so you can take advantage of the awesome savings.

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PS – And yes, the sale also includes Prograde Metabolism. Check out this article to see the natural metabolism boosting ingredients they use in it.

PPS – Again, this birthday bash ends TONIGHT, so hurry on over to and save 15% on all of Prograde’s awesome products.

That is correct, we just finished the redesign and uploading of SB Coaches College website.  Took it from HTML to Word press engine so that a blog and several other features are now available on the site.  Robb Rogers, Shawn Windle and Brijesh Patel are all the guys behind SB Coaches College.  We also have several of their products in our store area,  all filmed and edited by us.   Stop by and sign up for their newsletter and get a monthly tip and other items each month.  The have many archived tips of the month, along with presentations and articles that is a must read if you are in the fitness area.  S

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter also.  We have several other projects in the works and we would not want you to miss them!!!

SB Coaches College website



Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman. Thank you!!!   


 We just finished up the production on thier new DVD, Assess and Correct and they have it for sale on the website  Yes – It did take a little longer than planned but there is alot more information than expected, so it is well worth the wait.  Drop over there and get it today…

See what others in the fitness industry is saying about Simon J Productions…


“Many years ago I realized for me to grow my business I needed to create information products that would allow me to share my teaching methods to others. The difficult part was finding a quality DVD production company that was affordable and great at what they do. I hit the jackpot when I was introduced to James Dunn II and his company Simon J. Productions. He has not only produced my DVD’s and covers he has taken our marketing and presentation of the DVD’s to an entirely new level. Recently some to the top strength and conditioning and fitness professionals have found out about the best kept secret in DVD production and have seen the awesome results James produces. I highly recommend anyone looking to catapult their business to the next level to use James Dunn II and Simon J. Productions and his one of a kind service. In my opinion there is no one better!! Thanks James for all your help!”

Lee Taft