fitness dvd production

  • Pre-Production is where your project is planned.  This usually happens before you begin filming, in this stage of the project you will create a storyboard, scout locations of interest, discuss budgeting and begin studying your target audience.  Distribution and packaging can also be planned for in this stage of your project, along with artwork.


  • Production is the actual filming stage of your project.  This includes audio, lighting,  art, set-design/building, effects such as green-screening, directing and cinematography.


  • Post Production is the process where all that has been done up to this point is brought together. The footage is logged, digitized(captured), organized and then the editing begins.    Special effects, transitions, soundtracks, titles, and intro/outro are added here.  Color corrections are also done at this stage.  Sometimes if the director feels a shot was not good enough, retakes are planned at this time.

Audience analysis

Audience analysis is something you must know before moving into the video. You must know this so you can write or plan out an effective script or workout.  You have got to have in your mind who this video will go to!  Who will pick this product up and do something with it!  Will it be twenty old males, will it be forty year old females, will it actually benefit both and make both audiences pick up your video?  These are things you need to understand and have a pretty clear idea of before starting work on your video.   I have seen many times that people contact me to do a video and after wards when the video is finished they look at me and say “now what”.  I feel like looking at them and say, not my problem, you should have thought of that before we hit the record button, but I don’t.

I have never been one to sit back and allow someone to cause themselves pain and headaches if it was or is within my power to help them; even if that person would be what I consider competition, because it is not in my nature.  One of my professors at the university when asked to write a letter of recommendation for me had this to say about me “…Finally, you will find James to be a “resource person,” – a maven – one who knows key people, the latest information, the best pricing on new products, the pros & cons of new products and in general has answers to a multitude of relevant questions. People with this gift are rare and in James case, he thrives on sharing that information with others and helping them accomplish their tasks.”  And that is me; I am always willing to help people out with their tasks. I am not a lazy person but I always look for a way to do things faster and better because I hate wasting my time.

So know your audience, start with a small poll or survey on your website (if you already have a website) or at your place of business.   See what problems people have and look for a way via a video to solve that problem for them.

Working to finish up the seminar DVDs that were filmed with Eric Cressey of Cressey Performance and Mike Reinold(strength coach for the Boston Red Sox).  It is 7 hours of some pretty amazing stuff with it comes to dealing with shoulders and rehabilitation. Once they give the release date I will be sure to post it here with links to the website(which we are working on now).