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Just finished filming with Lee Taft of Sports Speed Etc and I have to tell you what we filmed will be just like his other DVD’s, full of information and exercises that you can use with your athletes.  Now I am not going to give away any secrets about the DVD yet but keep checking back and once Lee gives me the ok I will post about it.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed about Lee Taft’s upcoming DVDs and also some others that we are wrapping up.



p.s. To all you coaches and trainers that might be thinking of creating a DVD please ensure you sign up on our newsletter because there will be some interesting news coming in January that you will not want to miss.   I wouldnt want to miss it and I know what it is!!!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman. Thank you!!!   


 We just finished up the production on thier new DVD, Assess and Correct and they have it for sale on the website  Yes – It did take a little longer than planned but there is alot more information than expected, so it is well worth the wait.  Drop over there and get it today…

Our busy time of the year is coming up and we want to give all of our past Fitness Coaches and Trainers a chance to get on the production calendar. I understand that many of you have to do DVD and video production on weekends due to facility availability. So I wanted to ensure that past clients get the dates needed first. So use the contact form below to get your dates – tentative dates included – on the calendar.

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