We are now offering the ability for you to send us your footage that you have filmed and will we do the video editing of the footage while you relax in your own home.  While you sleep we work for you!!

WE will take the footage, clean up the audio, edit the footage and then go through and add all the bells and whistles that you want on your video.  Create a nice intro and an outro  along with a promo for your website of your DVD.  By doing this you no longer have to have us come to your location to film, you do it and send the footage to us.   This means if you are not located in the US and cannot access a video editor in your area now we can solve that problem for you.

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Just to let everyone know, we are now offering video post production services to our line up.  What this means is if you can film it, we will edit it. This saves you the cost of bringing us to your location and filming. This allows us to take what you filmed, clean it up and add some bells and whistles to it. If anyone has worked on thier own video know that the longest hours are spent on post production.  If you are going to have any problems you will have them in post production along with creating the master.

Many people believe that if they burn a DVD from their computer that is all there is to do with it.


You must know what region locks are, what format of the video will work in what country,  what happens when your customer complains of skips and pauses, can you put a pdf file on it, etc.   There are so many problems that can arise from creating a DVD master that many people do not and will not know the answer to.  You will find that you will spend more in the long run trying to fix the problems or paying someone else to problem solve it for you.

Also we can take your graphics and artwork and create all the necessary artwork for your DVD, menus, covers and web banners.  We will also create a 30 sec high energy promo for you to use on youtube, viemo or whatever video site you use.    Contact us today and get a custom quote for your project!!!

Distribution:  What is your plan on getting the video out to the intended audience? How fast and how far your video is distributed is based on your planning.   I have seen many times that people underestimated their video and then they have angry customers calling them, wanting to know where their video is because they did not plan on an onslaught of sales.  Don’t be the person who didn’t plan ahead and lose sales and repeat business because of it. Ensure whomever it is you choose to do your distribution and duplication can handle the volume that you might generate.  Ensure you understand “turn-around times & cost” well enough that you do not get caught in dire straights and at the mercy of your distributor.

Pre-production:  Who will help you in generating the idea for the video, who will help you storyboard the video? How will you find a director, actors, talents, voice over, equipment and location?  These are all questions that fit in the strategy section of planning your video.  It is one thing to have a great idea for a video but if you are unable to create it due to lack of resources then that is all it is, an idea.

Production:  Where will you film the video?  How long will it take?  How much will it cost?  Do you anticipate any difficulties? If you plan for an outdoors shoot, what is “Plan B” if the weather is bad?  Have others that you know created a video and if so who did they use and how did it go?  Find others that have done what you are thinking of doing and ask them some questions, normally they do not mind helping out, in fact many of them will go above and beyond to ensure that you do not go thru any headaches that they might have when they filmed their video.

Strategies & Tactics:

Now to reach your goals you must explain to yourself, using your notepad and pencil on how you will reach your goals. Tell yourself how you will answer the problems that have been placed before you, your video being the solution.

Achieving goals:  for each goal put down how you will reach that goal, what sort of video or audio message will you use to attempt to meet the goal. For example, a young man can walk into the gym and begin foam rolling; this would be the psychomotor goal of “warming up”. The next scene would be of the man finishing his workout and smiling because he has no pulled muscles because he warmed up properly.  These would meet an affective goal of feeling good about himself and his workout.