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We are now offering the ability for you to send us your footage that you have filmed and will we do the video editing of the footage while you relax in your own home.  While you sleep we work for you!!

WE will take the footage, clean up the audio, edit the footage and then go through and add all the bells and whistles that you want on your video.  Create a nice intro and an outro  along with a promo for your website of your DVD.  By doing this you no longer have to have us come to your location to film, you do it and send the footage to us.   This means if you are not located in the US and cannot access a video editor in your area now we can solve that problem for you.

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We want to simplify your video production process. So over the past 10 years we have made video editing and post production easier for our clients. It is all done via the internet after the initial filming.  We found the best and simplest way to do this process. Gone are the days back and forth to the production facility, gone are the days of sitting hours next to the video editor… Now you get to do this process from the comfort of your own chair, without leaving your office or your home.   Contact us today to find out how we did this process, also check out our testimonials page to see what our clients say about this process….


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optimal-shoulder-3d-coverShort or small run DVD & CD duplication…

Short run CD Duplication and DVD duplication is what I wanted to post to remind everyone that we do short run duplication.  This means we will duplicate anything from 5-500 and keep the cost down as much as we can.  We know sometimes you are unsure of what your sales will be and do not want to spend a fortune on duplicating 1000+ DVDs or CDs and have stock sitting on the shelf.

What are the benefits of doing short runs?

  • You never have an excess amount of stock
  • You can change up the graphics and packaging to try and reach another market if you feel the need to do so
  • small manageable stock that you can move or store easily

So if you need pricing on duplication please use our contact form or email us at

Protect your floors with Custom Fitness Mats from B&F Plastics, Inc.

Stop by and check out BF Plastics flooring and other fitness mats. Browse their site for other products that they manufacture.  Very amazing stuff there!!

Get in shape for the New Year with B&F Plastics fitness mats!  We offer a variety of Fitness Mats. Ideal for many uses, including stationary bikes, steppers or treadmills, barbell mats, and training equipment.   Including embossed mats, multiple colors, materials, and thicknesses. Call today to ask our customer service department how we can help you get in shape for the new year! (blog post from Bf Plastics site)

Why you are at it stop by our products page and check out some DVDs that you can use after you purchase your new flooring!!!