Social attitudes are also a part of the audience analysis, because knowing what their attitudes about their situation will also help you in marketing them when your video is finished. What can you tell yourself about how they think?  For example: Are they impressed with technology? Do they own an mp3 player?  Are they motivated to achieve? Do they have a low self esteem?  These are only a few of the questions you should ask yourself when planning your videos project, because all these and more will eventually create your other products and your marketing plan.

I was on a site the other day and I could not read it very well – it seemed that they had small font installed or whatever font they had mine did not replace it well. So being a little put off from it I some how discovered a little secret to viewing it better.  Now this may not be that new to some of you but it was to me because I had never used it before.   Simply hold not the ctrl key(PC) and using either the roller ball on your mouse or the – or + key you can zoom in and out on any webpage, very nice.  It is a very handy shortcut that I am finding helps me out every day.  Perhaps it is due to turning 40 last year and I am getting older, but I would rather believe it is the sunlight streaming in the windows on either side of my office that is blinding me and causing me to have to squint at things. :)

Oh by the way, get ready for the new DVD set from Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold – I sent the master DVDs to them and I am now waiting for the final verdict on edits or production runs.  Once the Shoulder Performance site goes live I will edit this post and add the link in.


That is correct, we just finished the redesign and uploading of SB Coaches College website.  Took it from HTML to Word press engine so that a blog and several other features are now available on the site.  Robb Rogers, Shawn Windle and Brijesh Patel are all the guys behind SB Coaches College.  We also have several of their products in our store area,  all filmed and edited by us.   Stop by and sign up for their newsletter and get a monthly tip and other items each month.  The have many archived tips of the month, along with presentations and articles that is a must read if you are in the fitness area.  S

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter also.  We have several other projects in the works and we would not want you to miss them!!!

SB Coaches College website



Working to finish up the seminar DVDs that were filmed with Eric Cressey of Cressey Performance and Mike Reinold(strength coach for the Boston Red Sox).  It is 7 hours of some pretty amazing stuff with it comes to dealing with shoulders and rehabilitation. Once they give the release date I will be sure to post it here with links to the website(which we are working on now).

Lee has released his newest DVD – Low Box Training 2 and we have already been shipping them for Lee. If you purchased Lee’s first DVD Low Box Training then you definitely need to get Low Box Training 2 because it too has very good information in it for training athletes.  low-box-2-3D-cover