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  • Pre-Production is where your project is planned.  This usually happens before you begin filming, in this stage of the project you will create a storyboard, scout locations of interest, discuss budgeting and begin studying your target audience.  Distribution and packaging can also be planned for in this stage of your project, along with artwork.


  • Production is the actual filming stage of your project.  This includes audio, lighting,  art, set-design/building, effects such as green-screening, directing and cinematography.


  • Post Production is the process where all that has been done up to this point is brought together. The footage is logged, digitized(captured), organized and then the editing begins.    Special effects, transitions, soundtracks, titles, and intro/outro are added here.  Color corrections are also done at this stage.  Sometimes if the director feels a shot was not good enough, retakes are planned at this time.

Learn pre-production!   This is a re-post simply because I feel that it needs to be read again.  I have several that I do feel are need of reposting.  I am doing this because I feel those that want to learn pre-production and do it themselves need to read these steps about pre-production.   Lately I have shown up to film and people are simply not ready or they do not understand the steps…  pre-production, production and post production.  I show up to film and we end up spending way too much time doing pre-production work…



Rationale can be described as an explanation of why a given task is to be performed, the logical basis of a procedure. This means why do something, what is the purpose of what you are planning to do.  Does it make sense and will it make sense not only to you but to others.

First of all I am going to begin with the foundation of all your products, and at first you may think that this can’t be the first step because why would anyone start with a video.  But as we progress through the different stepsyou will see the reason why I choose a video or DVD as I might refer to it later on.   Let’s begin with the rationale of the video or your product, however you want to view it, I will refer to it as the video because that is what we are starting with.

First of all you must sit down and clear your mind and your desk of everything but a writing pad and a pencil so do not start on the computer because it is easier to brainstorm first on paper and clean it up later on the computer.  Let’s start with the reason for your video production, why do you feel you must do it.  You cannot base it only on income because that doesn’t always work, there must be a rationale for you creating this video and money cannot be the first and foremost.

Here are a few things you can begin with asking yourself…   What is the problem or issue that my video will address?  What will people need that my video will offer them? Will the video supplement other media?  This last question we will answer in a little while, hence the reason for starting with the video.  So find a problem then address that problem with your video, get it set within your own mind of how it will fix the problem that others have.  If you find yourself with a solution and no problem then I would suggest going back and finding a problem that you have a solution to.  Now I know many times people will say, “Oh I knew that” but they are the first ones that are is not doing anything about it.  You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you do not put it in action then you have nothing.

What I am trying to say is never taking on an attitude of knowing it all because you will never learn anything.  I recently read some place that the best plan is to be the dumbest guy in the room because you will always learn something.  I learn every day because I want knowledge and love knowledge.  So where am I going with all of this,  it is the rationale behind my e-book.  I want others to get this and not only say hey I know that but know that you know how to implement it into your life, into your work and into a product.


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We are now offering the ability for you to send us your footage that you have filmed and will we do the video editing of the footage while you relax in your own home.  While you sleep we work for you!!

WE will take the footage, clean up the audio, edit the footage and then go through and add all the bells and whistles that you want on your video.  Create a nice intro and an outro  along with a promo for your website of your DVD.  By doing this you no longer have to have us come to your location to film, you do it and send the footage to us.   This means if you are not located in the US and cannot access a video editor in your area now we can solve that problem for you.

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