Simon J Productions was founded in 2000 by James Dunn II.  James founded Simon J Productions after the birth of his one and only son Simon James Dunn.  James has worked with graphics and video production since early 90’s while still in the military and stationed in Camp Hovey, South Korea.  Working with photography and using the on base dark room, James realized that his love for photography extended into video when he used his then amateur skills to create a montage of video & photo’s of his tour in Korea.

Starting with church videos and sports montage DVDs for local teams James began branching out and offering his services to local businesses as a hobby; such businesses were Wayne County Sheriff’s department, Scott’s Boys and Girls Club and White Water Community Television(later became 1st ever intern thru the IU communications program), only to name a few.

After being laid off at his current job in 2000 James decided to go back to school and further his education and was accepted at Indiana University East into the Computer Science Program.  During the first year of school James met with Professor Jerome Mahaffey, PHD. and was immediately interested in a degree in Communications and Marketing.  During a visual communications class that Dr. Mahaffey offered there was a video project that was in the syllabus but was passed over due to a lack of knowledge and equipment on campus.  James decided to use his own equipment and do the project, after finishing it he handed the project in and Dr. Mahaffey was surprised. They discussed the possibility of video production on campus and found out that there was the funding to do such and after much planning and consideration, Dr. Mahaffey was able to offer a BA in Communications at IUE with a strong concentration in television.  James became a lab assistant and student instructor for the communications department under the instruction of Dr. Mahaffey. James was also 1st intern in both the Marketing Department at IUE and in Whitewater Community Television located on campus.

In 2004 James incorporated Simon J Productions and began video production full time, along with graphic design and web design while attending IUE full time until his graduation in 2006 with a BA in Communications. Since that time James along with a small team of creative personnel has begun to grow Simon J Productions into a name recognized among many industries on and off the web.