• Pre-Production is where your project is planned.  This usually happens before you begin filming, in this stage of the project you will create a storyboard, scout locations of interest, discuss budgeting and begin studying your target audience.  Distribution and packaging can also be planned for in this stage of your project, along with artwork.


  • Production is the actual filming stage of your project.  This includes audio, lighting,  art, set-design/building, effects such as green-screening, directing and cinematography.


  • Post Production is the process where all that has been done up to this point is brought together. The footage is logged, digitized(captured), organized and then the editing begins.    Special effects, transitions, soundtracks, titles, and intro/outro are added here.  Color corrections are also done at this stage.  Sometimes if the director feels a shot was not good enough, retakes are planned at this time.

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